so little time, so much to unlearn

A great ceremonial table was set,
and Simon was seated in this velvet
vision of a feast, but in a weird sort
of way, since everyone was seated on
the one side of the table.

He passed this cup around and
everyone who drank from this cup
took on the same million little things glow
that Simon had.

Helen sat down beside Simon,
leaning her head on his chest
like the beloved disciple she was,
hopelessly in love and in awe
of the man who had changed her life.

The cup was passed to her
and she drank, as if partaking
of the ambrosa of Olympus,
she felt warm all over
and quite buzzed.

When she woke up, she was back in the tower,
she looked down at the soldiers
trying to invade her bliss,
nothing's going to change my world, she sung.

Jumping off the top of the tower
learning to fly, but failing as anticipated,
she managed to land on a soldier
that had been praying for inspiration from above.

when she woke up again, there was Simon,
it was a different world,
a world of peace and harmony,
dogs and cats getting along,
and she knew Simon had been right all along.

And that is the story of Helen.
Some thought she was a little off in the head.
Some thought she was really a forest nymph
who had tripped over the portal to humanity,
but those have been mostly discredited.

To see what Helen saw, to get the perspective
of her life in the tower, of her obsession
with a reed shaken by the wind, may lead one
to the narrow path that leads up the mountain.

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