so little time, so much to unlearn

Buddha Sermon on the Mount 3

Don't dwell on the past or live in hopes for the future. The past it is gone. The future has not yet arrived. Instead, look with insight into each presently arisen state. Know it. Be sure of it. Without thought of failure, or being shaken off course, put your effort into today. You may be dead tomorrow. No bargaining with death can hold its overwhelming arrival. But you who can live passionately and relentlessly with each present day, each present night, your death will remain a single excellent night. [Bhaddekaratta Sutta 3]
A longer lifespan is not purchased by wealth. Prosperity cannot banish getting old. This life is short, the sages understand. It cannot know eternity, only change. The rich and poor alike touch their end. The fool and sage as well feel it. While the fool is stricken by folly, no sage will ever tremble at the touch of their end. Better is wisdom for this reason than amassing wealth, since wisdom is the price of the final goal. [Ratthapala Sutta 42]
Sensual pleasures provide you with little real gratification. Instead, they bring much suffering, despair, and danger. [Alagaddupama Sutta 3]
Be moderate in eating. Be sensible. Don't eat for amusement. Don't eat until you are passed out. Don't eat food because it is something you crave. Eat for the energy required to maintain physical health, for stopping the feeling of hunger, and for fueling your holy work. [Ganakamoggallana Sutta 5]
By giving, friendship is bound. By this you never sorrow with passing away from this life to the next. [Yakkhasamyutta 12]
There is the liberation of mind through love. Frequently giving careful attention to it is the poison that prevents new ill will from growing and existing ill will from thriving. [Bojjhangasamyutta 51]
Each person treats himself very dearly. Just as you would not harm yourself, you should not harm others. [Kosalasamyutta 8]
Consider no distinction between yourself and the selfhood of others. Practice charity by giving not just tangible gifts, but also the selfless gifts of kindness and charity. [Diamond Sutra 23]
Responding with more hate never defeats hate. Even in this world, hate can be conquered only by compassion. This is the Eternal Dharma. [Dhammapada 1:5]
We should live with joy and love among those who hate. We should live with joy and health among those who are ill. We should live in joy and peace among those who dwell on conflict. [Dhammapada 15:1-3]
The enlightened one is full of compassion for all beings. For him there are no transgressions. For him there is no going astray. He is not lost in the confusion, but is wise and ever mindful. For if one does not forgive those who confess transgression, harboring anger, intending judgment, strongly establishing an enmity—this is a very undelightful state to be in. Thus I forgive your transgressions. [Devatasamyutta 35]
There are two types of fools. One does not see a wrong as a wrong. The other does not forgive one who is sorry for a wrong. [Sakkasamyutta 24]
The faults of others are easier to see than your own. [Udanavarga 27:1]


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