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Buddha Sermon on the Mount 2

I turn upright that which has been knocked down, revealing the hidden, showing the Way to those who were lost, holding a lamp in the darkness so those who had eyes to see could then see. [Vatthupama Sutta 21, Mahavacchagotta Sutta 15]
Give up on tending to fire made of wood. Kindle the inner light, concentrated, eternally blazing, composed of mind. [Brahmanasamyutta 9]
Suppose an oil lamp burning with pure oil and a pure wick burned very brightly. So too a bhikkhu/saint abides resolved upon and pervading a pure radiance. [Anuruddha Sutta 16]
When the wise man is surrounded by fools, they do not recognize his wisdom if he does not speak. He should speak and explain the Dharma/Gospel. He should wave his flag high. Well-spoken words are his flag. The Dharma/Gospel is the flag of those who see. [Bhikkhusamyutta 7]
To live with the most joy, you must possess nothing. To live on such joy is to become like a glowing god. [Dhammapada 15:4]
The ascetics following the Sakyan son do not accept gold and silver. They renounce jewelry and gold. They have given up the use of gold and silver. [Gamanisamyutta 10]
You who are not obstinate and arrogant, that respect those worthy of respect, rising up in their presence, offering a seat, making way, with honor, respect, reverence, and veneration, wherever reborn will be honored, respected, reverenced, and venerated. [Culakammavibhanga Sutta 16]
There is a Law teaching that you should not take anything that does not rightfully belong to yourself. I say—do not covet or even admire such an object. [Surangama Sutra]
Whatever a person does, be it good or evil, is never without consequence, for all deeds bear fruit of its own kind. [Udanavarga 9:8]
When unwholesome states have arisen, and they are tolerated and not abandoned, not removed, not done away with, not annihilated, they accumulate like flies' eggs. Not being picked out, not being taken care of, forms seen and grasped at, their signs and features contemplated, the eye is left unguarded. This leaves opportunity for growth of unwholesome states of covetousness leading to grief. [Mahagopalaka Sutta 6-7]
Pick out the flies' eggs. When a thought of sensual desire has arisen, do not tolerate it, abandon it, remove it, do away with it, and annihilate it. [Mahagopalaka Sutta 19]
A man with good eyes who doesn't want to see what is in front of his face can either shut his eyes or look away. [Vitakkasanthana Sutta 5]
A corrupt seed will reveal itself in diseased and malformed fruit. [Surangama Sutra: Importance of Keeping the Precepts]
I wish for you that you remain untroubled and that no reason for delight ever be found in you. Delight comes to you who are miserable. Misery comes to you who are delighted. [Devaputtasamyutta 18]


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