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Buddha Sermon on the Mount 1

One day Christ was feeling a bit ill and asked that Buddha fill in for him. He'd been on his Sermon on the Mount tour for several months without a break. Buddha had it somewhat memorized, and agreed as long as he could express the same thoughts in his own terms. Christ agreed and went off to the woods for some rest and relaxation time.
In a little known, long lost, text found under a rock near the Dead Sea, we have the words recorded of this
rare occasion where Buddha filled in for Christ and gave his rendition of the Sermon on the Mount
When Buddha came to teach the Dharma/Gospel, there were several hundred people gathered, a sellout crowd. But for all of the people there, at that time there is no sound, not a cough, not a clearing of one throat. All in that large assembly are poised in suspense of the Dharma/Gospel that the Blessed One then teaches. [Mahasakuludayi Sutta 6]
And the Buddha taught the eager audience, who had actually bought tickets to see Christ. He stood up and addressed the crowd:
I have ventured for 3000 miles and 600 years from my home in the East. You will have to excuse my accent. Christ asked that I speak with you today as he is taking a short break in his mountain retreat. As I love him like a brother, I agreed to address you today.
Listen to the Dharma/Gospel with eager ears. [Bhaddali Sutta 32]
Having reached the state of being at peace, they are victors in the world, the enlightened, who are supreme in the world. [Khandhasamyutta 76]
Ignoble ones fall down head first into the crooked path. The path of the noble ones is smooth, even as the noble ones are smooth in the midst of the crooked. [Devaputtasamyutta 6]
What if you saw an uneven path and another even path by which to avoid it? What if you came by boat to a rough stream and another smooth waterway by which to avoid it? [Sallekha Sutta 14]
Follow the Direct Way. [Satipatthana Sutta 2]
Fools come up to make requests of me. I speak to them the Dharma, but they only think of following me around. [Satipatthanasamyutta 3]


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